"There is no evidence, anywhere on the face of the earth, that great aggregations of peoples of widely differing culture and ideals can live together in one community in peace and mutual prosperity."

- A. Calwell 1972


Arthur Augustus Calwell, A. A. Calwell for short, was the leader of the Australian Labor Party from 1960 to 1967, He was the Minister for Immigration from 1945 to 1949.

Calwell is often the 'forgotten' personality of the Australian Labor Party, he represented the Union movement, and the traditional social politics of Australia; today the Australian Labor Party reject his views entirely, Calwell knew well and true that socialism could never be sustained without a strongly cohesive and unified nation of men from the same stock.

Arguing strongly in favour of White Australia, Calwell is the most recent Australian to take a final stand for what he called 'The Australian Tradition in Immigration'. The fight for a cohesive and productive nation.


Underlying the White Australia Policy is no suggestion of racial superiority; It began as a posiitve aspiration, and from it has resulted in a united race of freedom-loving Australians who can inter-marry and associate without the disadvantages that inevitably result from the fusion of dissimular races; we are a united people who share the same loyalties, the same outlook and the same traditions.

- A. Calwell 1964

Calwell represented the unions of Australia; the workers in Australia would never benefit from mass immigration, for mass immigration only increases domestic demands for goods, which are produced overseas anyway! whilst driving down the wages of Australian workers which already have to deal with the insidious effects of Inflation!

We suggest you read Calwell's pamphlets on immigration!


If Australians are ever foolish enough to open their gates in a significant way to people other than Europeans; they will soon find themselves fighting desperately to stop the nation from being flooded by hordes of non-integratables.

- A. Calwell 1972

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