Nationalism is neccesary as the interests and feelings of different races and cultures are too discordant to be harmonised under one single central government.

Charles H. Pearson 1893

Charles Pearson was known as 'Australia's finest statesman' a philosopher who had spent a great deal of his time in Europe, studying the differences between cultures in Europe and internationally the social and political impacts of race mixing, state socialism and cultural decay.

Pearson's book 'National Life and Character' is the highlight of his entire lifetime of research, it provides from an Australian perspective a detailed analysis of the factors that go into destroying a nation and civilisation; recieving international acclaim for his work his arguments carried a great deal of weight with the founders of this federation of Australian states.


"Does any one doubt that the day is at hand when China will have cheap fuel from her coal- mines, cheap transport by railways and steamers, and will have founded technical schools to develop her industries? Whenever that day comes, she may wrest the control of the world's markets, especially throughout Asia, from England and Germany."
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