"For White Australia! and against heterogeneity affirms the established Australian biological aim of creating in Australia a permanent home for persons of European racial derivation, avoiding problems of racial minorities, discrimination, and miscegenation.

- Percy Stephensen, Fifty Points for an Australia-First Party after the war.


Percy Stephensen, an Oxford Philosophy graduate was an influential writer in Australias own cultural and political self-realisation. Arguing fervently for a morally splendous and racially homogenous country - Stephen's seminal work "The Foundations of Culture in Australia" is to this day, a widely read text in the study of Australian Nationalistic thought.


We believe that nations, of natural growth, are the natural political units, their limits defined by racial and placial factors which are ultimates. As Australia is an Island, strategically well-situated for defence, and of almost homogenous racial composition, it is a nation in posse; but could develop strongly as a nation only by conscious adherence to Nationalism.

Living in a time of enourmous communist agitation, Stephensen was a fervent anti-communist, targeting 'internationalist' forces for trying to break down the well established and adored immigration policy of the time that ensured Australia remained a very close-nit, homogenous society.


All those who, within Australia, propagate doctrines of trans-national “internationalism” are militating against the prospects of Australian community-growth. They propose the subordination of Australia’s vital interests to those of other and non-Australian communities. In proportion to as their propaganda succeeds, Australia will fail to make progress.


The basic bio-political principle of Australian national organisation is enshrined in our Immigration Acts, and made effective by the famous Dictation Test. It is clear that the intention of our Legislative Forefathers was to base Australian life on what may be described as Fused-European Homogeneity. In effect, those laws claimed Australia for the "European" (or "white") races exclusively—the term "Aryan" not being as frequently used fifty years ago as it is now. Pursuing that basic policy, we have excluded—and deported—Asiatics and Kanakas, The unmistakable implication of our national policy is that Australia’s future citizens will be bred from a free intermixing of the various imported European strains—avoiding in particular the social problems which would result from Eurasian miscegenation, or alternatively from segregation of alien racial minorities within the general community. Australia was thus the first nation in the modern world to "go nap" on Racialism.

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